Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Korean Pork BBQ

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I can’t stop talking about how amazing Korean pork BBQ is. I’ve been eating it for the past few weekends at Westender Korean Restaurant (854 Denman St.). And the flavours deepen my love for Korean BBQ every time!  When I smell it, I keep wanting more even if I’m not hungry.

With Korean BBQ, you cook the meat yourself on the grill that’s on the table. The food isn’t as greasy as other places because you use a sloped hot plate so the excess oil is drained away. Another plus is the Korean side dishes – Kimchi, spicy soup, two kinds of salads, lettuce with mayonnaise, potato, garlic, peppers and some lettuce leaves to wrap the pork. I can finish two bowls of rice with only these side dishes! Whenever I eat there, I always make different flavours using the side dishes, so it’s always a new flavour and I get my intake of vegetables while I’m at it.

In the restaurant, you can watch Korean music videos. Their music groups on TV are always so fit. I always think “I’m very envious of her style. However, if I want to be like her, I may need to stop eating but I can’t stop eating Korean BBQ!”

I’m always talking about it so one of my Korean friends had a Korean BBQ party at her place. And she recommended a Korean grocery store – KIM’S Mart (519 E Broadway). You can get every kind of BBQ ingredients! I want this market in next to my room!

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